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As a teacher, have you flirted with feeling:

Most teachers experience burnout when they forget what they love about teaching.

Discover Your Teacher Brand

Every teacher has a brand.

Discover your unique brand of teaching and 
rethink how to be a teacher.


Anchor what you do in the classroom to what inspires you.


Stay enthusiastic about the work you are doing.


Achieve student buy-in when you stay authentic in your teaching.


"Defining my teacher brand and¬†tailoring my classroom experience around it has been a game-changer for me.¬†It's like putting on a pair of glasses that suddenly made everything crystal clear. I could see how my passion for hands-on learning, infused with a touch of humor, could become the¬†foundation of my classroom experience. The atmosphere feels authentic and students can sense this. It's not just about the subject matter anymore‚ÄĒit's about the experience."


Michelle D.

Focusing on the wrong things leads to teacher burnout.

And there are few things more frustrating than beginning to resent the job you were born to love.

Discovering your teacher brand can change the game for you.

I will coach you in how to discover and use your teacher brand to help you
stay in love with teaching.


Identify the core principles that drive you in the classroom.


Design a classroom experience rooted in your core principles.


Refine your brand and develop in ways that inspire you the most.


Discover Your Teacher Brand

As a fellow teacher, I get it.

I know that you didn't choose to become a teacher because you have a passion for teaching state standards. I'm fairly confident your heart doesn't skip a beat when it's time to grade another mountain of papers... at least not in a good way. You want to feel excited about the work you are doing, day in and day out.

In order to do that, you need to believe in the work you are doing. The problem is all of the *extra* teacher challenges that make believing in what you do all the more difficult. This, coupled with the sheer amount of negativity building up around the profession, is probably leading you to forgeet why you even became a teacher in the first place.

I believe "teacher college" leaves out some fundamental skills needed to be a teacher for the long haul. The realities of teaching don't necessarily match what we're prepared for. Which is why I help teachers avoid teacher burnout by rethinking what they know about how to be a teacher.

This means:

✨ discovering the core principles that drive you in the classroom, i.e. your Teacher Brand

✨ designing a classroom experience rooted in your Teacher Brand

‚ú® developing as a teacher in a meaningful way by refining your Teacher Brand

So, join the Teachure School Waitlist and get ready to design a classroom experience you believe in. And in the meantime, discover your Teacher Brand so that you can cash in your one-way ticket to burnout for a first-class journey doing the work you were born to do.

Discover Your Teacher Brand
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Get excited about teaching again.


If you're a teacher beginning to realize that the realities of teaching aren't quite what you signed up for, it's time to rethink how to be a teacher.

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