*Retro* Teachure PlanPad Bundle

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Upgrade your lesson planning + ditch that boring Word doc.

Spice up your lesson planning by going digital. Use an interactive tool that breaks down your plans into bite-sized bits, is super simple to navigate, + can be easily modified when flexibility is needed.

Good lesson planning requires enough details that you know exactly where you're going + what you'll need to get there. It's less than a rigid script, but more than an assortment of sticky notes decorating your workspace.

The Teachure PlanPad is the perfect overview format to not only organize what you plan to teach, but make those plans easy to reference during your actual teaching day.

The PlanPad is your daily lesson planning tool. It's the tool you'll keep open on your computer screen, on-hand using your tablet, or wherever you can easily reference throughout the school day.

The design of the PlanPad follows the Teachure Lesson Planning Funnel

In The Teachure School [+ on the blog], I teach how you can follow this lesson planning funnel to map out your lesson plans for the school year. After you've mapped out your plans, use the PlanPad to synthesize everything into one easy-to-use tool.

The PlanPad will help you clearly identify your lesson topics, targets, + tasks. You can make note of important themes you are addressing each month. And there's also plenty of space to note the details you need to remember for each lesson, like what resources you'll need + what the assessment will look like. 

On each Daily View page, break down your lesson by outlining how you plan for the lesson to go. Include as many or few details as you wish. You can also plan for differentiation, for up to five different groups of students.

The PlanPads in this bundle can be used again and again because they are undated. When you're ready to write out your plans for the month, choose your favorite PlanPad theme + fill in the dates for the current month you are in. At the end of the month, you can simply import a fresh PlanPad template into your PDF annotation app to use again.

What You'll Get:


*Retro* Teachure PlanPad Bundle |

 PlanPad | Rainbow PDF 

  PlanPad | Peace Signs PDF

 PlanPad | Smileys PDF

Each PlanPad includes nearly 200 pages of templates - fully hyperlinked.

Templates included in the PlanPad are:

  • Monthly View - Note your Topic + Learning Target for each day of the given month.
  • Weekly View - Note the Tasks, Resources, + Assessment for each lesson during the given week.
  • Daily View - Note the details for each day's lesson [Mon.-Fri.], including an outline of how the lesson will go + key things you need to remember.
  • Blank Monthly Calendar - fill in the dates for the current month + keep track of all school-related events in one place.
  • Catch-All Task List - keep a running record of your to-dos related to your teaching. Prioritize them as "Important", "If There's Time", + "No Rush". Stay on top of your to-dos by organizing them as still "To Do", "In Progress", or "Done".
  • Student Checklist - keep track of attendance, assignment completion, grades, form turn-ins, etc. 
  • Blank/Grid Notebook page - great for brain dumping all of your fabulous lesson planning ideas!

*You can easily duplicate as many Student Checklists and Notebook pages as you want when you're using the PDF annotation app of your choice.


Your download includes access to three PDF files, representing each of the themes in the product images above [Rainbow, Peace Signs, Smileys]. 

You can use the PlanPad PDFs with any PDF annotation app. My favorites are Goodnotes 5 + Noteshelf. Just download the app, import your PlanPad and you're ready to go. Your PlanPad can sync across devices, as long as you have the PDF annotation app installed. So use it on your computer, tablet, phone, or wherever.

How to start using the PlanPad:

Step 01 | Click the download link for each PlanPad included in the bundle. You'll find this on the page following your purchase and it is also emailed immediately to your inbox.

Step 02 | Save each PDF download to wherever you like to save your documents on your device. 

Step 03 | Open the PDF annotation app of your choice and import each PDF file. You're ready to go!

If you need more support, Be sure to check out the How-to Library and feel free to email with any questions you still have.

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