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Student Planning System | Digital Student Planner

This resource is more than just a ho-hum student planner with calendars and a bunch of organization forms [that most students will be too overwhelmed to touch!]. You are looking at a digital student planner designed around a student planning system THAT WORKS.

When faced with the task of planning, let’s face it, most students have no idea where to even start.

How many times have we handed our students a planner or agenda at the beginning of the school year, required them to copy their homework and reminders that we write for them on the board, but fail to actually teach the skill of what it means to plan… sound about right? 

The goal with providing students an academic planner is not to overwhelm them with 100's of pages to help them stay organized. The truth is, they aren’t going to use all of those pages. [Truthfully, they are probably going to take one look at all of those pages and just feel overwhelmed!]

The goal, instead, should be to teach students how to follow a planning system that will keep them organized, while helping them develop planning skills through practice and application, while also be simple enough to start using with consistency.

When I started making planning a regular part of our classroom routine, I saw first-hand the apprehension and overwhelm my students experienced.

So, I decided to create a system that simplified the process, while teaching students the most important habits of planning that they could carry with them into adulthood.

I created a resource that could embody this system and guide students through three fundamental elements of planning.

The fundamental elements of this system are as follows:

Monthly | Goal-Setting

Weekly | Habit Development

Daily | Task Orientation

Besides the skill targets I’ve identified for each fundamental element, I’ve also installed accountability measures within each element for students to use for self-reflection and ownership of their performance. 


Your purchase of this resource gives you access to the digital planner [i.e. student planning system] with six cover options to choose from. 

You may share this digital student planner with the students you directly teach.

The planner will be updated each year, so you will have access to a new download [with anything new that's added] on a yearly basis [i.e. July].

One purchase = forever access to digital student planning for you to share each year with your students!

I've included a slide for you to share with your students to allow them to choose their planner from the cover options currently available, which gives a sense of ownership and enhances student buy-in.

What You'll Get:

[1] Google Drive folder [force copy] link, including:

- Six cover options for students to choose from.

- Each planner includes Monthly/Weekly/Daily planning spreads, Tools [Vision Board, Habit Tracker, Task Manager, Link List], four Notebooks [lined, dotted, graph, blank templates], and Stickers.

- *Choose Your Cover* slide to share with students.

- Getting Started Guide

How to Use:

Students will access the student planner digitally via Google Slides, which means they can access it from pretty much anywhere and across devices. Gone are the days when the planner gets lost, damaged, or left at home!

****You MUST have a free Google account to copy/save all material to your Google Drive.****

The digital nature of this resource makes it convenient, easy-to-navigate, engaging, more versatile, and eco-friendly. Not to mention, it gives students a chance to consistently improve upon their tech literacy skills, which is a huge plus in the 21st century tech-centered world we live in.

For a closer look at what's inside, check out the blog post 3 Key Elements For Designing a Student Planning System That Works

Then, share the student planning system with your students and watch them grow!

Note: All sales are final on digital products.